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0Edits offers an exhaustive and all-inclusive review of your content and incorporates essential changes to the write-up/content like Thesis, Journal, Article etc. Our team of experts checks the language for vocabulary, grammar, spellings and punctuation while retaining the essence and the intent of the author. The purpose is to improve the overall content structure and also presenting the content in a scholarly manner (columns, tables, illustrations etc). We understand that as an author you have multiple responsibilities and writing content is a time-consuming affair. It is nearly impossible to dedicate time for writing and then manage the publication (print or online) with scholarly precision before its dissemination. QeWords helps you with editing the content to make it concise, clear and refined.



Total editing with Grammar, Style, Font, Type setup, Logic, Presentation and subject flow.


Editing for Grammar, style and logical flow of the content with Type setup.


Enhance your Blog Article with our Google certified professional editors for better reach.


Make your Journal/Thesis ready to publish with our expert editing service.

Submit Manuscript. for Free Estimation in 24 Hours

Client Testimonials

We are glad to work with Universities, Schools, Students,  Publishers and individual Authors to cater our expertise for their requirements. Here few of our awesome customers

We are happy with 0edit services for our Novel and we strongly recommend them for high-end copy-editing and type setup services. They are on time, cost effective and very particular in accuracy. I enjoyed working with them

Jack Johnson

Wow is the word come out of my mouth after watching my edited Manuscript by 0edits team. They are amazing and know what they are doing. My Journal got smooth approval after the 3 time rejection. Thank you 0edits.

Erika Brown
Student, NJ University

Being a student it’s very hard to compile all data of my thesis in right way and also need someone who are from same domain for help, My thesis is compiled very effectively under the supervision of PHD editor. Great job 0Edits.

John Collins
Student, JG International