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Publishing  – It never been so easy !!

Just submit your Manuscript and we will take care or remaining work to ensure successful publishing of your book, thesis, Journal or article. We ensure quality, flow, type setup and total 360-degree look and feel.

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Imagine JK Rowling agonizing over publishing her first book… She probably would have never published another sequel that. Well, Harry Potter would have never caught the Hogwarts Express with his friends and JK Rowling would have definitely missed out on the Forbes list as one of richest authors.

So, is there a magic wand that can help authors to edit what they write and publish it as well! As far as we know, not in real life BUT 0edits team of experts would love to cast a spell of magic on your manuscript and keep the readers spellbound! GET STARTED NOW

Digital Conversion

Convert your phycicle book copy or on Paper notes into Digiral journal or eBook with the help of our data digitization experts. We offer you any content format to all didital format conversion service with 0edits Digiral publishing.

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Security and DRM

Security is very essential where we are puting the content live online. 0Edits team has expertise into designing secure and the uncopyable content security with Digital Right Management formula to protact your books or content.

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Intrective Book Design

New technology development meets new trend for book reading innovation. We offer intrective books where you can take test with objective qestions or add small video clip to explain the story with animated cartoons or real video shoot. This service ensure effective eBook conversion with multi-media competibility to manage your content with enhanced execution.

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Cover Design

Creativity is the key to design cover which could give an overview of your book topic and content. Such covers will make book success with their capacity to attract the buyers. We offer end to end creative book cover designing service, where your book will get the best fornt face / cover page to communicate with your targeted audences effectively.

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Digitization of your Content

Why to limit for printed hard copy, go green with E-Book Publishing to let your words reach to million of readers on one click submission.  We will convert your book into Digital eBook with media linking like the image, video, Web link etc. You can ask us to design it for any of following Digital platform provider.